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Early Voting is happening now and the CDWC strongly supports voting early. 
President Obama won the election on EARLY VOTING! 

You can vote early in person - Registered voters may vote early at the Board of Elections. Early voting began on October 12th for the November 2016 election. [Cuyahoga County Board of Elections: 2925 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH 44115]

2016 Early Voting Hours
8:00 am-5:00 pm, Oct 12-14 & 17-21 
8:00 am-6:00 pm, Oct 24-28
8:00 am-7:00 pm, Oct 31-Nov 4 
Sat 10/29, 8:00 am-4:00 pm
Sun 10 /30, 1:00-5:00 pm
Sat 11/5, 8:00 am-4:00 pm
Sun 11/6, 1:00-5:00 pm 

Registered voters may also vote by mail. But remember, you must request a mail-in ballot by noon on Saturday, November 5.

To vote early by mail:

Fill out and send in the mail-in ballot request form. This year the Secretary of State sent a mail-in ballot application to every Ohio registered voter around Labor Day; or you can request a form by calling your the Board of Elections or downloading a form from their website [Cuyahoga County Board of Elections: 216-443-8683 - http://boe.cuyahogacounty.us/]

Voting by mail allows you to vote from the convenience of your home, review the ballot early, research candidates and issues, and avoid long lines on Election Day, Tuesday, November 8.
If mailed, your ballot must be postmarked by November 7 in order to be counted. You can also return your ballot in person to the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections before the close of the polls at 7:30 pm on Election Day. Note that if 
you request a mail-in ballot, you should not go to vote in person, because you will be given a provisional ballot.
Note that you can track the status of your ballot to determine if the Board of Elections has received it. 
Before you vote, go to http://boe.cuyahogacounty. us/en-US/ballot-search.aspx and type in your city, and you can see your ballot.
Or use VOTE411.org  
Thanks to the League of Women Voters, you have a great voting resource at www.Vote411.org - Look up your polling place and build your personalized voting guide that includes the offices and ballot questions you will see when you vote, as well as nearby candidate debates and forums, so you can hear directly from the candidates on the issues that matter most to you. This year VOTE411.org includes approximately 100,000 candidate and ballot measure details and helps voters compare candidate responses to League questions. 
More voting information can be found here
Here is the list of candidates endorsed by the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party:

President - Hillary Clinton

Vice President - Tim Kaine

U.S. Senator - Ted Strickland

Representative to Congress (9th District) – Marcy Kaptur

Representative to Congress (11th District) - Marcia L. Fudge

Representative to Congress (14th District) – Michael Wager

Representative to Congress (16th District) – Keith Mundy

State Senate (24th District) – Emily Hagan

State Representative (6th District) – Phil Robinson

State Representative (8th District) – Kent Smith

State Representative (9th District) - Janine Boyd

State Representative (11th District) – Stephanie Howse

State Representative (12th District) – John E. Barnes Jr.

State Representative (13th District) – Nickie Antonio

State Representative (14th District) – Martin J. Sweeney

State Representative (15th District) – Nicholas J. Celebreeze

State Representative (16th District) – Tommy Greene

Prosecuting Attorney - Michael C. O’Malley

Member of County Council (District 2) – Dale Miller

Member of County Council (District 4 – Scott M. Tuma

Member of County Council (District 8) – Pernel Jones Jr.

Member of County Council (District 10) - Anthony T. Hairston

Member of the State Board of Education (11th District) - Meryl Johnson

Justice of the Supreme Court - John P. O’Donnell

Justice of the Supreme Court - Cynthia Rice

Judge of the Court of Appeals (8th District) - Mary Eileen Kilbane

Judge of the Court of Appeals (8th District) - Melody J. Stewart

Judge of the Court of Appeals (8th District) - Kathleen Ann Keough

Judge of the Court of Appeals (8th District) - Eileen A. Gallagher

Judge of the Court of Common Pleas (General Division) - Kelly Ann Gallagher

Judge of the Court of Common Pleas (General Division) - Steve Gall

Judge of the Court of Common Pleas (General Division) - Michael P. Donnelly

Judge of the Court of Common Pleas (General Division) - Peter J. Corrigan

Judge of the Court of Common Pleas (General Division) - Sherrie Miday

Judge of the Court of Common Pleas (General Division) - David T. Matia

Judge of the Court of Common Pleas (General Division) - Maureen Clancy

Judge of the Court of Common Pleas (General Division) - John J. Russo

Judge of the Court of Common Pleas (General Division) - Hollie Lauren Gallagher

Judge of the Court of Common Pleas (General Division) - Michael P. Shaughnessy

Judge of the Court of Common Pleas (General Division) – Andrea Nelson Moore

Judge of the Court of Common Pleas (General Division) - Brian J. Corrigan

Judge of the Court of Common Pleas (Domestic Relations Division) - Francine Goldberg 

Judge of the Court of Common Pleas (Domestic Relations Division) - Diane M. Palos

Judge of the Court of Common Pleas (Domestic Relations Division) - Tonya R. Jones

Judge of the Court of Common Pleas (Juvenile Division) - Michael John Ryan

Judge of the Court of Common Pleas (Juvenile Division) - Kristin W. Sweeney

Judge of the Court of Common Pleas (Juvenile Division) - Patrick F. Corrigan 



In case you missed it, now accessible online: 
Video of the 
presented by
NCJW/Cleveland and LWV-Greater Cleveland
featuring candidates for
Ohio Board of Education District 11: Meryl Johnson, William Lavezzi, Richard T. Montgomery II, Amy M. Zuren
Ohio Senate District 24: Matt Dolan (R), Emily Hagan (D) 
Ohio House District 9: Janine Boyd (D), Joe Miller (R) 
Ohio House District 8: Cassandra McDonald (R), Kent Smith (D) 
Ohio House District 6: Marlene Anielski (R), Phillip Robinson (D)

Moderated by Wendy Deuring

Also Co-Sponsored by:
South Euclid-Lyndhurst PTA Council
Friends of the South Euclid-Lyndhurst Library

The start times for each of the seats are listed under the "Show More" section on the YouTube page.  


To ensure that Democrats win, and win big, please sign up to work for Hillary and other Democrats on the ballot. To help you connect with the organizer in your community, we have posted the list below. We can also help you find contacts for candidates in local races. 

The campaigns are all in need of volunteers, and there are many opportunities to help -- phone banking (see below), voter registration, canvassing, writing postcards, and working at the polls (see below)

Cuyahoga County is organized east and west; Cleveland is organized by wards and geographic areas.

Shaker Heights: Anna Brichacek, abrichacek@ohvictory2016.org 
Cleveland Hts & University Hts: Lucy Xiao, lxiao@ohvictory2016.org
Beachwood/Pepper Pike, Orange/Woodmere & Lyndhurst: Emma Brown,ebrown@ohvictory2016.org 
Warrensville & Bedford: Brian Siggers, bsiggers@ohvictory2016.org
Solon, Chagrin Falls, Bentleyville, Oakwood Village, Glenwillow & Hunting Valley:Allyn Denning, adenning@ohvictory2016.org
Richmond Hts, Highland Hts, Mayfield & Gates Mills: Evan Allis,eallis@ohvictory2016.org

Lakewood: Marika Lee, mlee@ohvictory2016.org
Westlake & Bay Village: Kyle Richards, krichards@ohvictory2016.org
West Park: Keaton Ahuja, kahuja@ohvictory2016.org
North Olmsted & Olmested Falls: Jacob Carruthers, jcarruthers@ohvictory.org  
Fairview & Rocky River: Andrea Patton, apatton@ohvictory2016.org
Strongsville: Abe Evans, aevans@ohvictory2016.org
Parma & Parma Hts: Emily Underation, eunderation@ohvictory2016.org

Wards 12, 13, 14, Brooklyn/Linndale: Kim Cooper, kcooper@ohvictory2016.org
Wards 3 & 15: Charles Abernathy, cabernathy@ohvictory2016.org 
Ward 6/Euclid: Jewell Porter, jporter@ohvictory2016.org
Ward 7: Karen DeVaughn, kdevaughn@ohvictory2016.org
Ward 10/Larchmere/Buckeye/Shaker: Khalid Sarsour, ksarsour@ohvictory2016.org
Cleveland West: Stirling Demby, sdemby@ohvictory2016.org
Cleveland West: Zack Rosborough Hernandez, zrosborough@ohvictory2016.org

Every Tuesday and Thursday 
5:30 - 8:30 pm 
Cuyahoga County Democrat Party Headquarters 
3615 Superior Ave, 2nd Floor Room 3102D
Cleveland, OH 44114

Contact: Tenisha Mack, Field Director for Cuyahoga County; 216-971-3610 or t.n.mack2008@gmail.com

Below is information about 
wo specific volunteer opportunities: Poll Observers and Poll Workers. More than 500 volunteers are needed for our county. 
It's not necessary that volunteers for these roles be lawyers, but lawyers and law students bring a good skill set for these roles. The objective is simple: To ensure that every eligible voter can register, that every registered voter can vote, and that every vote is accurately counted. That's why the work you would be doing is so critical.

Voter Protection Team / 2016 Poll Observer

WHY POLL OBSERVERS ARE IMPORTANT: Poll Observers are the campaign's eyes and ears inside of polling locations. They volunteer on behalf of Democrats up and down the ticket to help break down barriers to voting by making sure that all laws and rules are applied fairly and letting us know about issues at the polls as they arise. 

HOW YOU BECOME A POLL OBSERVER: Poll Observers are registered Ohio voters credentialed by the Democratic Party. We will assign you to a high priority polling location and ensure that you have the training, information, and credentials that you will need on Election Day. Please keep an eye on your inbox for important updates from our team, including your assigned location, training information, and your official Poll Observer credentials. 

  • Be at your assigned polling location from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. or 30 minutes after your poll closes (whichever is later) on Election Day, November 8.
  • Attend a training session in October. A member of our Voter Protection team will be in touch with more information on the dates and times available as we get closer to Election Day.
  • Be a currently registered voter in the state of Ohio.
Voter Protection Team / 2016 Poll Worker

WHY POLL WORKERS ARE IMPORTANT: The most direct and effective way of assuring that every eligible vote is counted is to have qualified and motivated Poll Workers. The right to vote is the foundation of our democratic process. Making sure that voting laws are fairly and accurately enforced is an essential step toward ensuring that every eligible Ohioan can participate in this critical election. 

HOW YOU BECOME A POLL WORKER: As a Poll Worker, you will help make sure that these straightforward goals are realized. Poll Workers work for every one of Ohio's Boards of Elections to administer the election and having dedicated people like you is the best way for the process to go smoothly and quickly. 

POLL WORKER REQUIREMENTS: Poll Workers are hired by the local Boards of Elections. We will help you through the process, but cannot guarantee that any individual will be finalized as a Poll Worker. Poll Workers must meet the following requirements:
  • Registered to vote in Ohio;
  • Never been convicted of a felony;
  • Available for one day of training by the County Board of Elections
  • Available from 6:00 am-8:00 pm on Election Day November 8.
If you are ready to commit to help protect the right to vote,
please contact: 
Reyna Walters-Morgan, 
Regional Voter Protection Director for Cuyahoga County 
(216) 302-4239)

Ohio Democratic Party. http://Ohiodems.orgNot authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee


Please check our CDWC Events page and our Other Events to Know About page for listings of happenings of particular interest to Democratic women in Cuyahoga County.

The Cuyahoga Democratic Women's Caucus is a chapter of the Ohio Democratic Women's Caucus, which is an official caucus of the Ohio Democratic Party. We are dedicated to bringing women into the political process by educating, engaging, and mobilizing women voters to help elect Democrats to office.

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at:


Mailing address:
P.O. Box 6143, Cleveland, OH 44101