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New Date:Thursday, February 16
After three years, let's get together again for CDWC's "We Love Democratic Women" Event
(Location to be announced)

Details coming soon!

Posted January 15, 2023


Message from the CDWC Chair: 

Dear CDWC Members and Friends, 

With this email, and in accordance with the Bylaws of the CDWC, we are announcing the 2023 Annual Meeting and giving notice of the opportunity to express interest in serving as an CDWC Executive Officer or as an At Large Member of our Steering Committee. As outlined below, those interested will be able to submit information and speak with members of the Nominating Committee. 

The 2023 Annual Meeting will take place on March 15, 2023, at 7:00 pm, via Zoom, and will include election of six (6) At Large Members of the CDWC Steering Committee as well as all Executive Officers. 

The CDWC Executive Officers currently include Cynthia Demsey, Chair; Kim Thomas, Treasurer; Jane Buder Shapiro, Recording Secretary; Susan Stechschulte, Vice Chair/Membership; and Linda Striefsky, Vice Chair/Operations. 

We owe a debt of gratitude and appreciation to all our current Steering Committee members: Juanita Brent, Crystal Bryant, Jane Buder Shapiro, Karolyn Isenhart, Alicia Love, Lana Moresky, Susan Moran Palmer, Danielle Ross Wroblewski, Jasmin Santana, Monique Smith, Susan Stechschulte, Linda Striefsky, Kim Thomas, Tatiana Wells, and Monica Wilson. Thanks also to Katie Solender, our Web Editor. 

Cindy Demsey
Chair, CDWC

Notice to CDWC's Current Voting (Paid) Members: 

CDWC's Annual Meeting will be on Wednesday, March 15, 2023, at 7:00 pm, via Zoom.
A link for advance registration will be posted soon. 

At this meeting there will be an election of six (6) At Large Members of our Steering Committee for a term of two (2) years. (At Large Members have staggered terms, meaning that half of the At Large Members stand for election each year.) The meeting will also include election of Executive Officers: Chair, Vice Chair/Membership, Vice Chair/Operations, Treasurer, and Recording Secretary, who will each serve for a term of two (2) years.

Please review the following important information:

·        The CDWC Nominating Committee is chaired by Danielle Ross Wroblewski. The members of the Nominating Committee include: Peggy Ferraro, Troy Greenfield, Linda Kohar, and Tatiana Wells.

·        Nominations may be submitted by a Candidate or by another Voting Member of the CDWC, with the consent of the proposed Candidate. Each Candidate must be a Voting Member and must have paid annual dues at or before submission of their nomination. The deadline for submitting nominations to the Chair of the Nominating Committee and the Web Editor is February 13, 2023, which is thirty (30) days before the Annual Meeting in March. Each nomination must be submitted by completing an online Nomination Form. Please see Article IV of the CDWC Bylaws for further information.

·        Anyone desiring to vote in these elections must be a Voting Member of CDWC. Please see Article II, Section 2 of the CDWC Bylaws for qualifications of Voting Members, whether new or renewing members.

·        Please direct questions to Nominating Committee Danielle Ross Wroblewski at Danielle.rossw@gmail.com (please copy info@CuyahogaDWC.org). 

CDWC Membership: Please note that CDWC is on a calendar-year dues cycle. If you are not already a paid member, we ask that you SIGN UP today. If you are already a member, and have not already done so, then we ask that you RENEW your membership for 2023.  

Katie Solender
Web Editor, CDWC


Cuyahoga Democratic Women's Caucus
Email: info@cuyahogadwc.org
Telephone: 216-479-6622